Thursday, December 17, 2009

A healthy fun snack

Day 2

I feel that a well balanced snack, or meal comes from the ingredients that you use to make them with. One of my goals in life is to always buy from local farmers as much as you can to support the small farms. Always try to bake your vegetables, or eat the raw. To boil a vegetable is to kill the nutrients.

One of my readers asked for a great healthy snack idea. Her lovely baby lives on mac'n cheese, veggie burgers and yogurt! I love her!

I feel that she may love the silky taste of cheese. and the Sweet flavor of the yogurt. And for the veggie burger, she really loves the veggies, but she hates to see them in front of her in their real form before she takes a bite.

lets try this.

you will need:

1 Sweet potato, baked until its soft
1/4 cup of any type of cheese shredded
3 peaces of broccoli fresh, chopped up fine
1 carrot chopped up fine

bake sweet potato till soft, until you can smash it. In a bowl add the cheese, broccoli, carrots, and smashed hot baked potato. Mix all together and taste. It may need a little salt.

This could have the sweet taste of yogurt, the chewiness of the veggie burger, and the cheese taste of the mac and cheese. You can be creative, have your kids dip celery stick into it, or even dab a spoon full on to a rice cracker. Be creative

A well balance snack or meal made up of real healthy veggies. With all the nutrients that kids need to grow up healthy and smart ! LOL

Thanks you for the suggestions, and the encouragement.

Have a great day


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